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Recently i bought a tiny machine named Ikair that give a measurement of your Air Quality inside your apartment. Of course before this little gadget i was concern about the AQ outside thinking (like you probably do too), that the Air Quality inside your apartment is often better than  outside when PM 2.5 are high…Just because when it’s the case the news will recommend you to stay at home doors and windows closed. Well since i bought this new toy it changes my way of thinking and grow a kind of paranoia finding myself constantly checking the level in the apartment…and i came with a conclusion:  sometimes it’s better not to know. Today i’m writing this post wearing a mask in my apartment with two air purifiers (one Daikin MC70 KMV2R and one Smart Air Filter fan) all working full power. The filters are pretty new and have been changed 10 days ago. The apartment is 142 sqm the Daikin is in the bedroom and “On” 24h, the Smart Air Filter is in the living room “On” during daytime only.

So i woke up this morning and had my daily check on the apps giving the outdoor  US consulate measurement (not fully accurate by the way as it just measure the PM 2.5, but yes it’s the most important as it’s the most dangerous  so that’s what i’m looking at today) and the Shanghai Government measurement more accurate but interpreted differently on the healthy risks.

Air Quality Shanghai Airpocalypse

After turning “On”  the smart air filter i checked the measurement in the apartment, thinking once more that we were more protected inside.

The Ikair just measure the PM 2.5, so when the US Consulate and Shanghai Gvt measure announce PM2.5 : 131 (check the pm2.5 just below the main measure) i got an indoor measure of:

Air Quality Shanghai Airpocalypse

So much more than outside. It is generally recommended to open windows everyday at least one hour to let fresh air in…even it’s  polluted outside, so the air purifier can “purify” this new air…that’s what i did, so i opened the windows more than half an hour, and here the result:

Bad Air Quality Shanghai Airpocalypse

So i have to wear a mask inside my apartment and wait for the Air purifiers to do their job… here the progression:

Update 11.30 (left:Outdoor (by US Consulate and Sh gvt)right:Apartment by Ikair)

Shanghai Airpocalypse bad Air quality


Update 12.00

Shanghai Airpocalypse bad Air quality

Update 12.40

Shanghai Airpocalypse bad Air quality

Update 14.00

Shanghai Airpocalypse bad Air quality

Update 15.00

Shanghai Airpocalypse bad Air quality

Update 16.00

Shanghai Airpocalypse bad Air quality

Update 17.00

Shanghai Airpocalypse bad Air quality

Update 18.00

Shanghai Airpocalypse bad Air quality

Update 19.00

Shanghai Airpocalypse bad Air quality

Interesting? According to My Health Beijing website  my Daikin Air purifier can remove 97% of PM2.5 and clean 307 m3 an hour, the Smart Air Filter according to their website can remove 92% of PM2.5 (ok they run the test and recommend this model for smaller room that i have 16 sqm when my living room might have double this surface, so it should remove it in longer time than one hour). So i’m not an expert but it might have a problem in the equation. Ok most of windows in China doesn’t close hermetically (but even that would be worst as no air purifier reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide). Does the Ikair not trustable? After checking it regularly it seems reflecting the measurement from the US consulate with some slight difference because it’s placed indoor.

So it took me one full day with two air purifiers working at maximum to have an acceptable level of Air Quality in my appartment, does the air purifiers really did their jobs? not sure as you can notice when the PM 2.5  getting lower outside it’s getting better inside as well…what is really the part Air purifiers do in the process is unclear, i’ve heard several times that it can’t clean PM 2.5 very well because it’s too small and that it’s more useful for bigger particules like PM 10…

Colder temperature will coming soon with of course higher levels of pollution like each year..and i’m wondering : should i buy another air purifier or let it go? Whatever it will probably not make a big difference.

 Shanghai Airpocalypse China Air quality bad air

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3 thoughts on “Smog Friday a reflection about Air Purifiers in Shanghai

  1. Hi Thierry!

    I suspect your air purifiers are just not powerful enough considering how not air-tight the windows are and the space of your apartment. We have 245 sq m, and 3 air purifiers always on. 2 of them are the largest Blue Air with 3 huge filters, ionisers inbuilt. One is in our bedroom, another one downstairs in a big open living room. In the same room we have a Xiao Mi air purifier, that has an AQ measurer included. All the three of them on full power make it go from, say, 75 to 7 particles per cubic meter within 35 minutes (given, that you turn them on full power together). And, what is important, if you have ioniser, the air automatically gets enriched with negative ions that are good for health and make the air kind of fresher.

    The downside — large Blue Air costs about 8K plus filters though Xiao Mi is only 800 kuai.

    1. Hi Meg, Thanks for the info, i guess of course i’ve a problem here… but i’ve tried many things actually i put the 2 air purifiers in the living room that is around 48 sqm (the smart air filter and the Daikin) and turn both at full power, but i can barely go down 120 pm 2.5 when it’s 150 outside…it’s really stick to the outside measure from the US consulate (PM 2.5 one) and the difference is not big.
      I think you are right it might comes from the machines and i should probably purchase something better (Daikin was more than 3.8 K when i bought it though). I’ll give a try first to the Cannon from Smart Air Filters, i’m waiting for it…then move to something like the blue Air if it doesn’t work…Cost is not really an issue as i prefer to invest in a better model rather that spend it later in medical..A friend of mine have an Amway and a Sharp and it’s apparently as efficient turning it on full power. I’ve heard about the Xiao Mi one but still not sure about it: Looking foward!

  2. Update: The Cannon from Smart Air Filters have arrived and it’s working much better and much quicker than my two others air purifiers combined…so i will really not recommend the Daikin to anybody as it cost me rmb 3800 and it’s pretty unuseful plus demand an hassle time for cleaning the parts every months. The Cannon can low the PM 2.5 from 130 t 50 in less than 1.5 hours in the 48 sqm living room…though i can barely go down 45 pm 2.5 (if it’s high outside probably due to the fact that the windows might not close properly…

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