If like me you have tried  numerous Photoshop Actions and Lightroom presets to save some time on your workflow and you often been disappointed by the results or because you can’t really control everything then this post is probably for you.

Two weeks ago i was contacted by Sleeklens Team as a Portrait Photographer to try their Portrait Perfection workflow. Thinking at first that it will be for sure similar to some i’ve tried before  i decided to give it a try.

I used one of the photo from a serie i shot for my China Girl book  (ready to ship in December). As this pic wasn’t chosen for the book and so were never edited i decided to try it with Portrait Perfection. Above is the result i was able to achieve in a few clicks and moving a few sliders.

The workflow is well built and you have a full control of what you want to do, everything is clearly describe with some short messages telling you where to adjust the changes, so it let’s you totally use your creativity. It also includes a set of basic action that every photographer use in their workflow like Dodge and Burn, Frequency Separation, Sharpening and even some quicker options for skin retouching.

The Collection includes 11 sets of different actions and effects with a total of 56 actions, giving you the possibility to apply some base, light glow, color correction,  toning,  enhancing, vignette and resizing.

The workflow is pretty complete and you can feel that it has been done by some professionals as most of the outcomes after using an action doesn’t makes your photo looks fake or over retouched and allow you a perfect control on all the actions using the brush or the opacity slider.

Find more infos about the Collection here

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