Thanks so much for all the pre orders, the book is now under press and will be ready on December 15!

The Project:

60 Intimates Portraits and Interviews of Modern Chinese Girls in a large format coffee table book.

During the past three years i chose randomly 60 girls from different social classes, professions, backgrounds and horizons, according to their personality or simply because they caught my attention. I met them in the street, through social networks or by contacts, and offer them to have their portrait taken the way they wanted to, with their ideas and their chosen location (i also give them the choice to let me decide)

To complete their portrait i interviewed them with a “Proust” inspired questionnaire.

Except 12 photos all the others photos of the book have never been published or shared on social media.

Book Details

Hardcover photo book with dust jacket of around 156 pages

Size: 280 mm x 280 mm,  color printing on premium paper.

Weight: around 1.5 kg

Price: rmb 299 

Shipping Worldwide

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 Portrait Photographer Shanghai Book