Guided Street Photography walk Shanghai

Guided Street Photography workshop and tours Shanghai

Guided Photowalk: Intro to Street Photography

Discover a popular district in Shanghai

Learn tips and tricks on capturing the everyday in your city.

Develop your eyes to street photography.

Learn how to catch candid shots without getting noticed

Get over your fear of photographing people

What to bring:

-Your camera (f you have a DSLR bring the kit lens or the lens that came with it, i.e. 18-55mm or 35 mm / 50 mm, any camera).

Make sure you have a memory card and fully charged battery

Time: TBC

Location: Shanghai

Photowalks are limited to 6 participants

Contact: Please use the contact form or contact me by wechat:  thierrys (just write Photoclass in greetings) or  just Scan the QR code below:


  1. Miaoyuwei

    Thierry is very patient and have a great sense of photoing, you can meet with nice friends and see the new shanghai life in a different view. It is a very live class and all of you can get great help whenever you need!

  2. Fiona

    This class was fun and informal, but really useful. Thierry shared alot of very helpful tips with us and was really beneficial to put them in to practise with him present.Also, he was so suppportive and patient with us, that I left with alot more confidence in my ability to take portraits and approach people on the street.I would absolutely recommend this class.

  3. MK

    Did the photowalk in Shanghai with Thierry a few days ago. Street-photography was a rather new experience for me and I really liked it and I learned a lot from Thierry. He gave us many tipps and walked us to good spots to train our skills. The groups are small, so he can really focus on each participant. All of us did some great shots in the 2 hours of training. I would recommend this 2-hours-tour to anyone who wants to improve his street-photography-skills and learn to overcome his fear of shooting random people from very close.

  4. XieBoan

    Great photowalk! Worth the time and the money. Thierry is very skilled at street photography and he is very willing to share his secrets. I learned many new techniques and approaches in the two hours we spent in some choice Shanghai locations. Looking forward to the next one.


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