Every Sunday: The Essentials of Composition in Photography

Sunday class in shanghai Essential of composition in photography

The Essentials of Composition in Photography

Take your photos to the next level learning about different composition techniques. In this class you will

Learn how to create stunning, engaging and captivating images applying theses techniques.

Study and analyse compositions from master photographers.

Put everything you just learned in practice by an hour guided photowalk outdoor

Bring your best 5 photos for a constructive review.

Theses sets of compositional techniques is for anyone who wants to shoot better photos and will work from all cameras, from mobile phones to DSLR camera.

Time: Every Sunday or according to your schedule

Time: From 14 to 17.00 pm


  • Weekly Group: cny 500/person
  • According to your schedule: cny 500/person

Location: Xujiahui Area

Contact: Use the contact form or  wechat: id:  thierrys (mention photoclass in greetings) or  Scan QR code  below:



  1. Jacques Levain

    unmissable to achieve and understand good photography, pictures review was very useful thanks Thierry!

  2. Ming Wang

    Interesting and giving you a better view how to compose your images, the photo review is very useful


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