Photography Classes 2021

The classes do not target to turn you into a professional but to improve your photography skills and hopefully let you have better results when you use your camera.

In a first step, we will give you basic knowledge about photography, especially regarding composition (what do I put in my picture and where), then make you comfortable with your camera, understand how it “thinks”, and how you can control it, then you will be able to apply your newly acquired skills to real life situations and know how to do the post processing. This is a modular system that follows your requirements and schedule… 

4 steps photo program :

1- Basics of photography, composition rules, exposure triangle, depth of field, speed versus aperture. 

2- Focus on camera, how does it work, what are the functions, settings and their influence on the picture. What kind of lens for what subject?

3- Practice. We go out on a city walk or place we define together and you get to practice the skills we saw earlier with direct feedback on the photos taken. I also take my camera and show you how I would do it in various situations.

4- Editing software. Basics of Lightroom / photoshop using the pictures taken on the practice day 

Options for further lessons :

5- Studio photography : Learn about light set up , light modifier

6- Additional practice sessions : –      night scenes

  • Moving subjects
  • Street photography
  • Graphic / architecture

Each session is about 2h. Date and location to be defined. Cost 1588 / session. Cash back for referrals 😊.

The program will be tailored to your particular needs after we get in touch.

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