Private or Group Portrait Workshop with Model

Photography Portrait Classes workshop Shanghai

Portrait Workshop with Model

On that day you will learn:

– to pose your subject in natural light

– how to set your camera for outdoor portraits

– to frame your subject for more interesting results

-to communicate with your model

-avoid beginners mistakes to do better portraits.

What to bring:

-Your camera

-Lens: if you have fixed lens bring a 50 mm, 85 mm or more choose the one with wide aperture (f/1.4, 2.8)

-Zoom Any zoom will be ok, preferably with a f/2.8 aperture

Make sure you have a memory card and fully charged battery.

RSVP: Please use the contact form or contact me by wechat:  thierrys ( write Photoclass in greetings) or  just Scan QR code on the flyer below:


  1. JF

    A nice workshop outdoor Dan Dan is a nice and fun model, learned really useful tips and how to communicate with the model.

  2. Joshua

    This was a great workshop, despite bad weather. I learned some useful tips and had a lot of fun shooting (my model was YoYo). I am feeling more confident in my portrait shooting.

  3. jussi lyons

    I learned a lot and had fun doing this outdoor workshop with Thierry. He is a professional and has a lot of knowledge and experience shooting with models in different lighting setups. This workshop was about natural light and he came well prepared. Learning how to work with a model and how to organize a photoshoot were the most helpful aspects of our time spent together. Lot’s of photo tips too.


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